Weird Backstory Things I Swear I Didn’t Make Up About ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’.

I should go back and re-read the Narnia books. I had forgotten most of it, and all this stuff is fascinating….

The Court of Ranternal Affairs

I was really into C.S. Lewis when I was younger. He’s a solid contender for the title of ‘Christian Writer Who Had the Biggest Impact on My Personal Theology’. Aslan’s leitmotif from the music-accompanied audiobooks of The Chronicles of Narnia was one of the oldest tunes to be burned into my memory. I still use hnau as my go-to word for “sapient creature comprehensible to humans”. My primary touchstone for Heroic Fantasy Castle isn’t Camelot; it’s Cair Paravel. My primary touchstone for Evil Snow-Themed Enchantress isn’t the Snow Queen; it’s Jadis the White Witch. You get the picture.

His work still holds something special for me, although these days being old enough to notice all the misogyny and homophobia and general Toryism does kinda take the shine off of the whole thing.

Thing is, though, for all the myriad times I read them and listened to them and…

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Great story about a magical library, and a creature inside, and a story contest

The Court of Ranternal Affairs

One of the trickiest things, historically, about having a global conspiracy to conceal a society-wide masquerade, is how you keep your secret knowledge and art hidden from the people on the outside but still accessible to people on the inside.

Successfully hiding something relies upon having a robust knowledge of what, exactly, you are and are not trying to hide. If you aren’t able to learn enough about the secret you’re hiding to make full use of it, then it’s questionable whether the secret is valuable enough to keep. And even just looking at art for art’s sake, even on the fiction side, people aren’t ever going to stop wanting to explore the realities of existence through stories and artwork just because their understanding of what counts as realistic is a little different.

The International Bibliomanes of Mancy were one of the oldest still-active parts of the solution to that…

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“Is Life so Dear…” A Comparison Between the Works of David Walker and Patrick Henry

Anna Melvina

On March 23, 1775, Patrick Henry gave a speech at the Second Virginia Convention. It’s a speech that has been praised throughout the history of our country. Although the exact words were not recorded, William Wirt’s version in his biography of Patrick Henry was largely thought to capture the substance of the speech, so his version is the one that’s usually cited.

Near the beginning of the speech, Henry says,

“The question before the House is one of awful moment to this country. For my own part, I consider it as nothing less than a question of freedom or slavery; and in proportion to the magnitude of the subject ought to be the freedom of the debate.”

So whatever terrible thing that is happening to Patrick Henry and his compatriots is comparable to slavery. What is this terrible thing?

“Ask yourselves how this gracious reception of our petition comports with…

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Corporal Punishment and The End of The Red Stick

Becoming Worldly


This picture could be anybody’s little sister blindfolded and hitting a piñata at her Dad’s house for another sibling’s birthday. But it isn’t. It’s my little sister. She lives in a different world than I did. One with her own bedroom and court-ordered visitation and Christmas presents from a kind stepmother. She has never been homeschooled. She does not remember a time when our family didn’t celebrate birthdays, or was too poor to buy a piñata, or was too “modest” for her favorite summer clothes to be allowed.

She could be using any stick to hit this piñata but she isn’t. She’s using the “red stick,” the most infamous spanking implement our family had. As far as I know, none of the younger siblings attending this party were ever touched by the red stick and I imagine just a few had been threatened, but the grim knowledge of what it…

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Prisoner of Patriarchal Presbyterian Pedagogy: Alia’s Story

Homeschoolers Anonymous

CC image courtesy of PixabayBilder_meines_Lebens.

HA note: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Alia” is a pseudonym.

I grew up in the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America. It was a small denomination, and I hope it’s getting smaller. In the RPCNA, only preachers and elders could be part of the governing body of the church: and preachers and elders, by church law, were always male. The patriarchy was so established that it wasn’t even questioned. I was disenfranchised by my two X chromosomes and barred even from speaking in a worship service or teaching Sunday School classes to a group of adults.

My parents homeschooled their children back when homeschooling was still fringe, and they took patriarchy even further than the RPCNA did. As if being second-class in the church wasn’t bad enough, I was second-class at home. I was not encouraged to…

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An Evangelical Vice: How Sin-Leveling Fails Survivors

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Why Autism Speaks is bad: it actually hurts Asperger’s / autistic people

I don’t really know much about Autism Speaks. And I had no idea….

the silent wave

The short version: Autism Speaks sucks.  It advocates (ineffective) “therapies” that do actual harm to autistic people and it promotes a 21st-century reincarnation of eugenics.  If you think Hitler was a bad guy, and you embrace tolerance, diversity, and unity, and abhor racism, bigotry, and discrimination, then please, please do not support Autism Speaks in any way.

The long version (I’m issuing a potential Trigger Alert: Sensitive Material)…

This “charity organization”, as you probably know, was founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of an autistic child (who later grew up to become an autistic adult, as autistic children tend to do).

I won’t delve much into their “I Am Autism” campaigns (link to YouTube video of commercial, with subtitles; here is a link to the written transcript on ASAN’s website) or the general fear-mongering that they’ve generated, because that’s been covered pretty well in many other…

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