Reblogging this, as I believe it’s important to know about this.

Love, Life, and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse

Jason Kidd, of Gadsden Alabama contacted my office because he googled ‘child abuse’ in a search for attorneys or legislation that would support his efforts to seek justice for his daughter Melanie, and found our petition to Make Child Sexual Abuse A Felony.

Jason Kidd has a protective order against his ex-best-friend of thirty years for an indefinite amount of time. Last May, the wife of his best friend went to their pastors for counsel. She had found a Tracfone which is a prepaid phone that had a text message in the draft messages stating that he had feelings for their best friend Jason Kidd’s daughter, Melanie.

Jason Kidd has possession of 600-700 pages of text messages that include pictures from three to four of the prepaid phones, where his best friend was grooming his daughter from the age of fourteen to sixteen for the purpose of sexual abuse. In…

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  1. When Jason contacted me he was clear that he thought his situation to be horrible. He wanted the word out. Thank you for helping to make this happen. In the blog there is a link to my petition to Make Child Sexual Abuse Grooming A Felony. Please feel free to sign. Happy Birthday to me, Happy New Year to you! – Ressurrection Graves @AJourneyToLove

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