Love, Life, and Relationships: Overcoming Emotional and Child Sexual Abuse

Lisa (wife and mom) her daughter Melissa, and step-father David Wayne Mixon were a family until one fatal day that changed their entire lives forever. This story is a warning to all women and men seeking a significant other whether online or in a grocery store. Here is their story.

Lisa Bishop was like many sixteen year olds in exploring love and dating. She got involved with a boy who ultimately date raped her. She stayed in that relationship out of fear for the next two and a half years. One counselor told her that she was a victim of repeated rapes for the entire relationship because she was only having sex with him out of fear and not because it was a consensual act. Her boyfriend Brent would threaten her saying, “If you leave me, I will kill myself.”

In my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey…

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  1. Hello, this is a great birthday gift. My birthday is today (New Year’s Eve). Thank you for reblogging. I know that Lisa thought this information to be important. Have a beautiful day today, and Happy New Year! – Ressurrection Graves @AJourneyToLove

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