Help out an ex-Quiverfull daughter

Does anyone here know about Quiverfull/Christian Patriarchy? It’s an extreme fundamentalist version of Christianity where women are to be ‘helpmeets’ to their husbands, where the husband is to be the absolute authority in the household, and women should be silent because God speaks only to men, not to women.

If you get a chance to go check out the “No Longer Quivering” blog and FB pages, please do so.

Anyway, Jennifer from NC wants a scholarship. Her parents refuse to sign her FAFSA, or help her in any way to getting a college education, because women are not supposed to be educated. You can help her out by voting for her essay.

Quote from her essay about what she would do with her education…

<i>I would love to create a safe-house where children of religious homeschooling families can come to improve their lives and future and have hope.
From struggling with poverty, to being unable to get a job without a resume or employment history, and often a substandard education; the children of the Quiverfull movement have extreme challenges to overcome. A home like this would be a safe platform for them to transition into the world without being abandoned to struggle. Many of their parents wish this difficulty for their children, saying it will cause them to return and be content with the party line. I want to create a buffer for the pain parents cause when they shun and disinherit their children for religious reasons.

Because there are more of us every day, and so much pain and heartache.</i>

Go vote for her essay.


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I like to paint, draw, bead and craft. I have been doing pottery as well. Attempting to work two low paying part time jobs, while taking care of mom.
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