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Near the card section, there is an endcap with Star Wars school supplies.   Dad and son walk past.

Dad stops and says to son, “Do you want a Star Wars binder?” Son; “Naw.”
Dad; “Are you sure?  Last chance.”
Son; “Yeah.  I’m sure.”
Dad; “Should I get myself a Star Wars binder?”
Son; “Totally.”

And I didn’t even pipe up that Target has in-binder folders and separators, so he could buy it and start keeping household records in it.  See, it would be a perfectly legitimate purchase.

I made a kid cry.   See, someone who is a foster parent (via the Lesbian Duplex) mentioned that you have to turn things around to a kid’s POV.  The example she used was urging a kid to hold mom’s hand crossing the street so mom won’t get lost.

I’ve been using a version of this at Kohl’s.  When I see a kid start to wander off, I tell them that parents get lost when you wander too far.   They usually turn around and go back.

This one tyke had gone a bit farther than usual, but I remember the parent she came in with.  (Mom was white, but the kids were mixed-race.  That’s why I remembered. 😛 )   Anyway, when I told her “You shouldn’t wander away from mom.  Moms get lost when you wander too far.  Did you know that?”  She had to stop and think over what I said.

I swear you could see the wheels in her brain turning. Then she figured it out and started the sad eyes and turned down lip, “Mama!”  Sniffle.  “MAMA!”   So I pointed out mama to her and she ran back and cried at mama a bit.   Really didn’t mean to make her cry.  LOL.

Another time, I told this to a pretty young tot.  She was maybe two.  While I tell her this, I’m looking around to see if I see any frantic adults.  But after a few minutes of me talking to her, her older brother(?) comes out of the lingerie section and freezes on seeing me.  I ask, “Is she with you?”  He nods, grabs sister by one hand, and hurries off with a backward look to make sure I haven’t turned into Baba Yaga and started chasing them.

So good to see I can still scare the crap outta’ kids.


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I like to paint, draw, bead and craft. I have been doing pottery as well. Attempting to work two low paying part time jobs, while taking care of mom.
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