A PO’d Woman’s Manifesto

Becoming Worldly

Feeling on my game. It is my life, my sidewalk, my internet, my dreams, my world. I don’t give a damn. I’m taking it back. This is a wilderness hike. Anybody bringing me garbage can pack it back out along with their tent.

I am mad that there is an abusive man y’all elected as president. I’m mad that they are gonna be drilling in our wilderness and already trying to tell teen undocumented immigrants what they can do with their bodies like they own them.

I’m done with all the “fake news” people who wouldn’t know fake news if it was a poisonous snake that had already bit them (and it did).

I’m done with the people who are so against abusive behavior unless it’s their friend and then in that case could you just calm down recognize that there are two sides to every story.

I am done…

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About bem02

I like to paint, draw, bead and craft. I have been doing pottery as well. Attempting to work two low paying part time jobs, while taking care of mom.
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