Why Autism Speaks is bad: it actually hurts Asperger’s / autistic people

I don’t really know much about Autism Speaks. And I had no idea….

the silent wave

The short version: Autism Speaks sucks.  It advocates (ineffective) “therapies” that do actual harm to autistic people and it promotes a 21st-century reincarnation of eugenics.  If you think Hitler was a bad guy, and you embrace tolerance, diversity, and unity, and abhor racism, bigotry, and discrimination, then please, please do not support Autism Speaks in any way.

The long version (I’m issuing a potential Trigger Alert: Sensitive Material)…

This “charity organization”, as you probably know, was founded by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of an autistic child (who later grew up to become an autistic adult, as autistic children tend to do).

I won’t delve much into their “I Am Autism” campaigns (link to YouTube video of commercial, with subtitles; here is a link to the written transcript on ASAN’s website) or the general fear-mongering that they’ve generated, because that’s been covered pretty well in many other…

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